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Did you know that Valencia is the Safest city in Europe!

Recently, Valencia has become a winner of a lifestyle that has been around for ages. It's true that Spain is mainly known for football, and therefore Barcelona and Madrid, one being the capital city and a football powerhouse and the other being a football powerhouse and the leading business city in Spain. Both cities have direct flights from Israel, which makes it easier for us to get to know them.

However, the third-largest city in Spain is beginning to close the gaps not only quickly but also effectively and in a way that magically attracts millions of people from all over Europe, Israel, the USA, Australia, and more to come and live here.

Recently, Valencia has won all sorts of awards from various world-level awards, all related to the excellent quality of life that Valencia offers to those who have decided, rightly so, to live in this magical place. Check out what FORBS has to say about Valencia!

Those who live in Barcelona or Madrid are familiar with the personal and social security problem that these big cities suffer from, like any big cosmopolitan city in the world.

In this aspect, Valencia is different and exceptional - for the better, from this perspective.

The security is noticeable from the very first moment. If you are walking alone or with families with young children, the feeling of security in Valencia is immediate and tangible.

So now there is another significant achievement - Valencia has won the title of the safest city in Europe and fourth place in the world.

As relocation to Spain is a common practice, one of the questions that keep coming up is where is a safe and pleasant place in Spain, and I always find myself trying to convince that Valencia is a super-safe city.

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