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There is many things Valencia Relocation can do for you 

Valencia Relocation knows, first hand, that every Relocation is first for The People! Each one, each family is unique. We do not believe in FAQ o Fixed Molds. Each process can be so different between two similar families, each one has different needs, priorities and objectives.

Some bureaucratic process can be the same for all, but many other issues need to be handled with a personal touch. 


Valencia, and the Comunidad Valenciana are beautifull and vast. From the Old City, The river-park side, the Mediterranean beaches, mountains and more. with our Pre-Relocation visit of Valencia, you can find out exactly what and where you prefer your New home to be.

The Pre-Relocation visit is a Private tour that will focus on your needs and your time table!

Let´s find a Home!

Valencia Relocation is your Real Estate Personal Advisor, Knowing the Real estate market in Valencia inside out, we will make sure that you won´t be abused by a local real estate agency.

We will take care of all your needs, if it is Purchasing o Renting.

We have a maintenance and reformed qualified workers - so you can be relax about it.

Administrative & bureaucracy

All your administrative and bureaucracy issues  needed for the relocation - one stop solution. 

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School & Education

Finding the right school for your children, Homologar your degree into the Spanish sistem. 

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